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weKnow is not only using Drupal, we take contributing back very serious. We write modules & themes, organize Webinars, Code Sprints and Training Days as well as organising Drupal events.

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Most of our WeGive efforts goes towards coding for several projects weKnow maintain where we have developers working full time on improving the tools.

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We are proud to dedicate our time and resources to projects like the Drupal Console, which has now been downloaded more than 1 million times, helping hundreds of thousands developers code more efficiently. We also take the time to contribute to numerous modules, and the Drupal core.


A list of Drupal projects created or co-maintained under our sponsored time program.

  • Toast UI Editor
  • Trigger Build Hooks
  • Taxonomy Accordion
  • Upload by Group
  • Entity Rest Extra
  • Dropbox Client
  • Taxonomy Feed
  • Webform Password
  • SRU Client
  • Authorize Donate
  • Autodelete Account
  • Visual Event
  • osCommerce Authentication
  • Extra
  • Image Raw Formatter
  • Consumer Auth
  • Drupal Console
  • IP