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Automate your process

Our commitment to the open source community allows us to innovate and develop new tools to help developers worldwide. Drupal Console, MagicGen and Artifactor combine for a total of over 1.5 Million users.

Our continuous research allow us to innovate and come up with new ways of improving development methodologies. Drupal Console project, MagicGen and Artifactor are part of our portfolio.


Drupal Console

It’s the Drupal Line Interface. A tool to generate boilerplate code, interact with and debug Drupal. The tool is widely used for coders to speed up the development of websites in this platform.

The Drupal Console makes use of the Symfony Console and other third party components which allows you to automatically generate most of the code needed for a Drupal 8 module. In addition, Drupal Console helps you interact with your Drupal installation.

Download Drupal Console


MagicGen (Beta)

MagicGen is a tool that helps users generate boilerplate code for Drupal and Wordpress without touching the command line. weKnow saw on this tool an opportunity for non-coders to build complex functionalities for their websites without the need to learn to code or even use the terminal.



Artifactor removes the need for a dedicated devOps role. Deploys are automated and can be launched to any platform. It works even if Dev - Staging - Prod are hosted with different providers.

  • In the current model, a developer works on a ticket, pushes changes and then merges to staging.

  • A ticket moves to QA and gets tested directly on staging.

  • If a ticket doesn’t pass, staging needs to be rolled back since changes are not isolated.

  • Necessary modifications are cherry-picked, pushed and merged back.

  • Staging gets rebuilt and the cycle starts again…. Consuming more time.

Artifactor methodology is currently being used by selected partners while in Beta.

Find below a comparison between a normal workflow and an improved one using Artifactor. Move the purple arrow to the left and right to better understand how Artifactor help companies speed up the dev process